New Project: Countdown to 50 States!

IMG_3341They said I needed a retirement goal… what better than to get on the road? In the past 18 months since I left the Army, I have been enjoying life and researching my next step. Eventually I’ll start a second career, but right now I am following my passion. By that of course I mean sleeping late until the cat wakes me up in loud throes of perceived starvation. But also: writing and travel … So why not some travel writing?

“Write what you know” is the common wisdom. Being a lifelong citizen of the United States and a current resident of the great state of Florida what I know is … the roads and towns of the lower 48 (with the two states requiring airfare to follow!).

In 1996 when I traveled through Europe, I would field variations on this question: “American? From which part, New York or California?” I realized how much of our enormous and variegated nation is not on the radar of other nations. Later in life, I realized that much of the United States hasn’t been explored by its own residents. From the snippy  and bourgeois conspicuous consumption implicit in the pejorative “fly over states” to the visual default of television for any unknown –there is a prejudice against the interior of our country and a fetishization of overcrowded vacation spots (Orlando, Las Vegas, Manhattan). I want to relate my experiences that don’t involve the well-known or well-televised.

So I am going to treat my vast readership (my mom and two dive buddies) to reviews of the 50 states. Check back here for my professional opinion, deep wisdom, and stunning insight on our beautiful nation.

First up … California!

(PHOTO: Rimrock Trail in Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, Texas, March 8, 2017.)


6 thoughts on “New Project: Countdown to 50 States!

  1. Corey, Thank you for this journal. Your written words fill out the details I never knew and explain your life.
    Write more. May I share this blog with family and friends? If yes, how do I do that. Old Tech Mom


    1. Hi Mom, thanks for reading! You can forward the link I sent you. Or you can go to the bar at the top of the page that has the http address, select it, either CTRL+C to copy or right click the mouse to get a menu that should say “copy,” then open an email, paste the link, and email it out. Please share as widely as you would like!


  2. Glad to see you getting going on this initiative, and given the epic plans you have forecasted for the coming months, I anticipate this blog to fill with observations and discoveries.

    I personally look forward to hearing about Michigan, a “flyover” state but also someplace I lived for two years and feel like I never got to see the best of. Saw Flint, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Detroit, even Saginaw, but never the UP or the northern resort areas.

    But I will follow wherever the blog leads…


    1. Michigan is coming up tomorrow! And yes, there is so much more to the state than the narrow news coverage. (Not faulting the news, but rather trying to draw attention to the process of overlooking, while giving some travel advice.) Thanks for reading and for following!


  3. Looking forward to reading your posts. I am on a mission to slowly visit and enjoy all 50 states of America. As you say, there is a lot more to America than the bright lights of NYC and LA.


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